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The Bikers@ µFAQ

First, a word from our Administrator:

REC.MOTO THIS IS NOT. Fun and flames are welcome, advice and questions moreso, but we are a group of working folks with jobs, and I, amongst others, cannot sift through more than about 15-20 messages per day.

PLEASE, before sending mail to the list, ask yourself if this message is for “everyone on the list” to read, or if a personal note to one or several list members would be more appropriate.

Also, a comment about Netiquette/Spams: The participants on this list are, by and large, experienced users of the Internet. Most of us participate in multiple mail lists, newsgroups, and other electronic forums. The probability that we will have already heard the latest Internet rumor is so high that it is nearly a certainty.

Please DO NOT REPOST SPAM to the TriDoD list!!!

Please DO NOT CROSS-POST to the TriDoD list!!! This will ultimately lead to spam posts from outside sources.

No matter how helpful you think you are being, this is not an appropriate forum for spreading the latest rumor of a email virus, or to solicit political activism in the latest Imminent Death of the Internet. Trust us. Save it for BS or BB, and see for yourself how many respond, “yeah, I got that mail 7 times already.”

Remember “the importance of a message does not affect its suitability for a particular group.”

Bikers@ is primarily for discussion of relevance to motorcycles, motorcyclists, or riding, in the Triangle Area of North Carolina, USA. Discussion about any sort of biking problem is welcome, but an attempt should be made to keep it of practical relevance; theoretical or philosophical discussions are best taken to the newsgroup.

Although we call ourselves the “Triangle Denizens” or “TriDoD,” mostly for historical reasons, we are open to all those with an interest in motorcycling in the Triangle area. All are welcome at all our events.

Please try to reduce quoted text to a minimum…to help those of us who are spare-time-ly-challenged and scan messages quickly. One-liner jokes, while fun, are most appreciated when at the end of a message with signal content. Edit subject lines to reflect when a thread mutates.

Some days there will be no list traffic (we hope!). Don't worry about it. The regular µFAQ posting should be in your mailbox sometime every now and then to let you know the list is still there.


We are a group of *active* motorcycle enthusiasts, not just cyber-identities. We expect that all subscribers will from time to time come out to meet people in person, whether it's to one of the regular events or to one of the irregular get-togethers posted on the list. If your location is such that this is not possible for you (like, you live in Canada or something) you might want to reconsider whether this list is for you.

Inane subscription requests from Europe and suchlike, totally ignoring the guidelines posted in past FAQs, has necessitated a restrictive subscribe procedure.

To subscribe to this list, you must have a referral from an existing list member. Since we have regular social events, it should be quite easy for you to turn up to one and meet someone who will send a referral for you. In fact, it is strongly recommended that you turn up to one, or more, of our events first so you can be sure that we're the sort of folks you want to hang out with, since the list is, after all, about active participation.

ALL personal mangement (unsubscribing, digest on/off, postponing mail delivery, etc.) of your list account can be managed by going to:

NOTE: The only task you cannot accomplish via the web page is changing your subscriber email address. Should you need to change from one email address to another, contact the listowner at:

Be sure to include your old AND your new email address.


If you are unsuccessful in your attempts at unsubscribing or making any other account changes, contact the listowner: The title of your message MUST BE THE FOLLOWING: Subject: BIKERS ADMINISTRATION

If you send a message with some other title, and the list owner doesn't do whatever it is you requested, don't be surprised. He gets ton of email, and often deletes email based on the subject line alone.

List Address

To send mail to the list, the address to use is:


There is a digest version of the list available. Should you find that the number of email messages is overwhelming, you may want to try using the digest version. All the day's emails will be sent to you in one message. Each posting from the day will be attached to the email. This attachment process causes problems for some people, but alas, it's a “feature” of the listserv software, and cannot be changed. If your email reader automatically dumps attachments to a file on your disk, you may not want this version, since you'll have to open, and then trash each message individually as a file on your disk.

If you want to sponsor a new subscriber, send email to: with the subject: SUBSCRIPTION REFERRAL

The subject must be ALL CAPS and the body of the message must include the email address of the new subscriber.

The new subscriber is expected to post an introduction to the list soon after joining.

Regretfully, requests which do not follow these guidelines will not be honored.

Note About Email Systems

When the list serv cannot deliver an email message to an individual user, the list admin is notified (for each and every email that can't be delivered - that can be 10-50 times a day depending on list traffic).

The reason is usually either:

  1. The individual user's email server is down
  2. The individual user has reached the storage capacity of their email system.

The list admin will only tolerate bounced messages from an individual user for so long before getting tired of dealing with them and unsubscribing that user from the list. So… please be sure to use a reliable service for your email if at all possible AND be sure to check your email frequently enough to assure that you don't accumulate so much as to max out your available storage. Should you get unsubscribed from the list…you can write to the list admin and request assistance in getting resubscribed (be sure to use the email address and syntax listed above).

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