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How To Put A Bike On Its' Centerstand

This page produced from various posts from the Triangle Denizens of Doom.

  1. Bike in neutral on side stand on level ground.
  2. Turn the bars full left. Grab left bar with your left hand and anything under the seat/rear fender area that you can grip with your right hand.
  3. The centerstand should have a lever (or tang) perpendicular to the stand, possibly routed around the exhaust…put your right boot on the tang. Good luck if you try to use your left foot. Firm boot sole preferred.
  4. As you stand on the tang (put all your weight on the tang), pull back and slightly up with your left hand. Pulling up with the right hand doesn't hurt either.
  5. Voila.

A couple of additional details for the hard-to-erect bikes

  1. Some people have better success with the bike in first gear, engine off, and roll forward until all the slack is taken up.
  2. Having the bars at lock enables you to put rearward force on the bike with your left hand, and continue the force. Feel for the balance point as you are pushing down on the centerstand; you don't want to find out there's a lump or hole in the ground after you're committed.
  3. You'll get the best results with a combined pull, pull, push also using momentum. Pull back on the handgrip to get the bike moving, then push down hard with your foot while at the same time pulling up hard with your right hand. The combination of these three forces and the bikes momentum makes a huge difference.


  • Yes, it's awkward and it's an aquired skill, but most bikes are fairly resistant to tipover during the attempt. It's generally no-go unless you keep your left hand on the left bar and help the bike up a bit with that hand.
  • With practice, this should become a smooth, coordinated operation which requires very little strength and no strain. As is true with everything that's fun, technique is of paramount importance. ;-)
  • The most common mistake when learning to do this is the tendency to try to “push” the stand down with your foot rather than going whole hog and putting all your weight into it.
  • The amount you have to pull is directly proportional to how much you and the bike weigh.
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