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TriDoD Events

These are regular events which will happen unless the Keeper of the Event posts something to the contrary.

Biker Brunch (BB)

Sunday mornings, rain or shine. BB is a group ride to a breakfast location. The leader/s of the ride will vary from week to week, as will the breakfast style and location. The BB meeting location, however, does *not* vary!

Meet there at 8:45 to leave at 9:00 sharp; make sure that by 9:00 you have 80 miles of fuel in your tank. If there's some reason you're likely to need more frequent stops, please don't be afraid to tell the group so allowances can be made.

New Bike Rounds (NBRs)

It's a tradition for folks who get a new bike to buy a round for at least one other TriDoD person. Usually takes place at MMG, but the date/location/amount is up to the person buying. It is *optional*, just a tradition, not a social requirement.

Note: NBR has nothing (necessarily) to do with beer. It's the idea of sharing one's joy at the acquisition of a new (to him/her) motorcycle, with people who understand the feeling. We only settled on beer because it's what we all drank at such gatherings at the time we started them. NBRs are optional, they are completely of the purchaser's discretion, and they are beside the damn point -

The point is the NB, not the R! (Ed Green DoD#0111)

  • For more details about when NBR is appropriate, contact the Keeper.
  • Keeper: Rick Clarke
  • Notes: This date/location is flexible. Although MMG is prefered by many, if someone offers up a round as inducement, this crowd can be persuaded to go most anywhere, anytime.

Monthly Monday Gathering (MMG)

Second Monday of every month. Although people arrive at uneven times, generally it runs from about 6:30 pm to 9 pm.

Spring Ride (SR)

Spring Ride started out as the Spring Fling… a gathering of TriDoDers and guests in Little Switzerland, NC for a weekend of feasting on twisties, food, and fellowship and is now an annual event.

Right Coast Ride (RCR)

The organization and announcements for the RCR, along with some related discussion, is carried out on the “east” email list. If you're interested in the RCR , you should probably be on this list.

To subscribe to the list, send email to: with the following single statement in the MESSAGE BODY: subscribe east <YourNameHere>

Keeper: Martyn Wheeler

SPRING RIDE (SR): Spring Ride started out as the Spring Fling…a gathering of TriDoDers and guests in Little Switzerland, NC for a weekend of feasting on twisties, food, and fellowship. Next year's Ride will be April 30-May 2, 2004. More Info

Keeper: John Hite


Assault on Deals Gap (AoDG)

A gathering to ride “The Dragon”, 318 turns in 11 miles, on the NC/TN border. This event is generally held in September. More information available at:

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